Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Color Identification for Preschoolers

Free Printable Kids Worksheets

Parents, are you trying to teach your three or four year old how to identify colors? Perhaps you're starting a bit younger. Color identification is one of the first skills your child will need to learn in preschool, so it's important that you give him or her a head start on these skills at home. While you can certainly find things throughout your home to teach colors, you may be limited with certain things. For example, do you have 10 yellow things or pink things handy when you're interacting with your child? Maybe, and maybe not. These free printable kids worksheets make it easy to work on color skills anytime, anywhere with your preschool-aged child.

Blue Color Worksheet
Do you want to teach your child about all the things that use the color blue? Blue is one of the primary colors; the other two are red and yellow. To begin the activity, have your child point out some of the blue things in your home after you've given him an example of the color blue. After you complete the activity, present your child with the blue color worksheet from Help your child identify all the blue objects in the picture. If you're also trying to improve your child's vocabulary, you can add the name of each object underneath the picture by hand or using the text tool.

Green Color Worksheet
Green is a secondary color made by combining blue and yellow. To have a fun lesson with your child, use paint or water with food coloring to demonstrate this concept. Mix together varying amounts of blue and yellow to make several different shades of green. Once you're sure your child understands the concept of the color, give him or her this green color worksheet. Allow your child to circle or point to all the things in the picture that are green. If you'd like to customize this sheet before printing it out, you can also place the name of each object underneath its picture using the customization tool.

Purple Color Worksheet
Purple, too, is a secondary color. It is made by combining varying amounts of red and blue. Use your child's blue and red crayons to create varying shades of purple on a plain piece of paper. Have your child identify which of her toys are purple. When your child understands what the color purple is, allow her to complete this purple color worksheet. She can circle all the purple items with a pencil or crayon or point them out to you. Remember to explain what any unfamiliar objects are, such as the chameleon.

Take a look at the other color worksheets available on You'll find that we have several to teach your child all the important primary, secondary and tertiary colors. We also have worksheets on topics like fruits and veggies, large and small objects and time. New worksheets are being added all the time, so bookmark the page and check back frequently!

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