Friday, August 30, 2013

Free Printable Blank Calendars: Blank Doesn't Have to Mean Blah!

free printable blank calendar
Free Printable Blank Calendars That Will Knock Your Socks Off
Have you been scouring the web looking for free printable calendars only to be disappointed in the end? Especially if you're looking for a blank one, the results can be frustrating and, let's face it, just plain boring! Sure, you may want a blank calendar, but do the creators have to make them look so boring? The folks at don't think so. Here, you'll find calendars with pizzazz and style. The great thing about these calendars is that you can change them up as frequently as you'd like. Why? They're free! No one's going to toss out an expensive calendar if they'd like a different view. However, if you get bored with a printable calendar halfway through the month, just toss it and print another. It's that easy to keep fresh, beautiful calendars on your wall year round.

Make It Your Own: Free Printable Blank Calendars with Personal Flavor
If you'll look around at the free printable blank calendars on, you'll find that you're not looking at traditional blank calendars. No, you won't find boring black and white squares here. Instead, you'll find calendars that are designed just as beautifully as they would be for a professional calendar, but instead they're published free for parents, teachers, students and anyone else who leads a busy life and can't waste time or money on store-bought calendars.

Benefits of Using Blank Calendars
Blank calendars offer several benefits over standard calendars. First, you can add in the holidays that are important to you, including the birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family, your personal appointments, work meetings and all the other details of your life that require planning. The biggest benefit, though, is that they're completely reusable if you're so inclined. If you find a design that you really love, just place it in a plastic sheet protector before using it. Then, you can use a dry erase marker to fill in your important dates. Just wipe it clean after the month is through and place it in a binder for reuse next year.

Free Printable Blank Calendars for September 2013
The point of all this calendar talk is that September is nearly here. 2013 has flown by, but you can manage your time a little better by printing out one of these blank September calendars to use this year. Isn't it beautiful? It features loads of fall colors, whimsical trees and birds and a clean calendar template to easily manage your hectic schedule. It's easily one of the most attractive September calendars I've seen, and I think you'll agree. You can print this calendar out as is, or if you'd like, you can go ahead and add in the dates using the customize tool and the "add text" function. Once you've personalized and customized your calendar, print it out and pin it up. It's that easy!

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