Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Printable Blank October Calendars

blank October calendarFree Printable Blank Calendars for Your Home

It’s already that time again – time to print a calendar for next month. Can you believe it? In just a few days, October will be here, so it’s time to get prepared now. FreePrintableOnline has a number of free printable calendars for you to choose from in monthly, weekly and daily formats. For a general overview, I’d recommend a monthly calendar. At a quick glance, you can know what your commitments are without leafing through several pages to find out what you have going on for the upcoming week. In order for a monthly calendar to be most effective, though, you need to keep it minimal. Don’t write every detail of your life in those little boxes. They should be left for important appointments, birthdays and anniversaries. For instance, your regular cleaning routine wouldn’t be very helpful in a monthly calendar format, but if you want to remind yourself to change the filters in your heater, that’s something out of the regular routine that needs to go on a calendar. Keep reading for tips on selecting the right calendar for you!

Get Organized with Free Printable Blank Calendars

Blank doesn’t have to mean boring! offers a variety of different free printable blank calendars, but they’re as colorful and beautiful as they are practical. You can print out several of these to save for future months and years. Alternatively, if you’d like to just print one that’s reusable, simply laminate the calendar first and use dry erase markers to mark your appointments and special events. After the month is over, simply wipe the calendar clean and store it away for the next year. It’s incredibly easy to do! If you don’t have a laminating device, a plastic sheet protector found in any mass retail store will do the job just as effectively.

Free Printable Blank Calendars for October

As you can see, the free printable blank calendar for October is absolutely beautiful! It features a bold, colorful design of green, orange, white and red. It’s perfect for fall. Trees, falling leaves and pumpkins grace this page. As you’ll see, the numbers on the calendar are left out, so you can use this template year after year for a beautiful October calendar. Hang it on your wall, put it on the refrigerator, or put it in your planner if you build your own custom planners. Print one for your children, too, so they can remember their friends’ birthdays, important test or quiz dates and important homework assignments and their due dates. By teaching children organization and responsibility now, you’ll have a much easier time getting them to keep their commitments when they’re older. All of the calendars are designed in color, but you can also print them in black and white if you’d like. Just change your printer’s settings to gray scale or the black and white option first before printing. Feel free to pass the calendars along to your crafty friends, too!

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