Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Free Printable Classroom Lessons for Busy Teachers

free printable classroom lessons
Kick Off the School Year with Our Free Printable Classroom Lessons
Hey, teachers! School is in full swing, and that means that you've got your nose to the grindstone creating lessons that are fun, engaging, and most of all educational! We admire the work that teachers do, especially since so much personal time is spent in professional improvement and in finding the best resources available for your students. At, you'll find a number of high quality, reliable resources that you can use in your classroom or assign as supplemental homework to get the parents involved in helping their children learn. There are many different options available in the free printable lesson plans, so take a look at the ones that pertain to your grade level or subject area. To narrow down your search for materials on our site, feel free to use the search function at the top for words like "spelling", "alphabet", or "math". This can help you find things more easily.

Free Printable Classroom Lessons for Elementary School Teachers
We feel that elementary teachers in particular are challenged to find quality materials because the foundation of learning a child receives in elementary school will set the pace for a lifetime of learning. As such, elementary teachers are uniquely tasked with building that foundation to produce students who will hopefully love to read, write, do math, perform experiments and change the world. We support you! The free printable classroom lessons cover a number of different topics such as spelling, tracing, alphabet, numbers, object identification, word scrambles, adjectives and much more. There are more than 70 worksheets available; when you reach the bottom of the page, click "Load more printables" to see even more of our fun and colorful worksheets.

Learn About Animals Using Free Printable Classroom Lessons
The number of people who don't know what baby animals are called is surprising! Perhaps it's because we have less and less contact with nature, but it's important that students are able to correctly identify the names of adult animals and their babies. For example, did you know that a baby eagle is called an eaglet? Did you also know that a baby rat is called a pup or that a baby whale is called a calf? Despite being important to learn, these terms are also fun to learn! Children will enjoy studying the different animals, especially if you pair up this Animals and Their Young Worksheet with other activities such as animal flashcards, videos, pictures and more. You can also have the students draw the animal pairs either from memory or by looking at an image that you print out for them. There are so many possibilities with this worksheet. For homework, ask your students to find out about other animal pairs or assign an animal to them. Animals not covered here include monkeys, chickens, penguins, llamas, meerkats and more. It will make a fun research project for students from kindergarten through third grade.

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