Monday, September 2, 2013

Free Printable Lessons for Elementary Teachers

free printable lesson plans
Teach Young Children with Our Free Printable Lessons
Are you a teacher looking for quality, easy-to-use resources for your classroom? Look no further! At, you'll find a number of great free printable lesson plans to use to mold young minds. Our materials are particularly geared toward preschool and Kindergarten students, but there are materials for older students as well. We cover a variety of topics from the ABCs to days of the week, months of the year, fruits and veggies and more. For the older students, you'll find worksheets for teaching about adjectives, consonants, verbs, states and much more. Browse through all of our worksheets and print out those you like. You are free to download, share and print as many copies as you need. All of our worksheets are absolutely free for teachers, students and parents (and everyone else!).

Teach Geography with Our Free Printable Lessons
History and geography teachers will also find some great resources among our free printable lessons. We have a worksheet on states and their abbreviations as well as a sheet on continent and oceans. If you like to teach your students about the culture of different places, we also have a sheet for learning numbers 1-10 in French! To view all of our lessons, just click the "Load More Printables" link at the bottom of each page. You can also search for your topic by using the search box at the top of the page. We make it easy to find the printables you need, and you can customize each worksheet according to your liking. Just click the customization tool before you print to make changes, add text or pictures or crop the printable. It's easy!

Months of the Year Free Printable Lessons
Younger students often have trouble with the months of the year. Of course, they're all familiar with them, but learning them in order and learning how to spell them correctly can pose a challenge. Though it's simple for an adult to recall, think back to when you were a child. It wasn't so easy, was it? We hope to make the process a little simpler, though, by offering our Months of the Year worksheets. That one (see link) is the actual worksheet. The students are to look at the months listed above the blanks and list them in order on the page. For the answer sheet, you can click here. Of course, as a teacher, you know the answers, but you may want to allow them to work in groups or pairs for this project, so they'll need an answer key after they're done to see how many they got right. This sheet also makes the perfect study tool for learning the months of the year in chronological order.

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