Friday, October 4, 2013

Cat Birthday Cards Printable

cat birthday cards printable
Free Printable Birthday Cards for Children
Are you looking for the perfect free printable card for a child in your life? Whether it's your own child, the child of a friend or relative, or just some special child you know, it's important to choose a birthday greeting that's suited to that child's particular tastes. While many people think that the cards are meaningless and kids are only concerned about the gifts or money they receive, that isn't always the case. Lots of children like to save their birthday cards in their scrapbooks to look back on in later years. Don't you want your card to be one of the special ones that makes it into the memory book? No matter if it's a birthday greeting to a child or a Mother's Day card to your mom, you should always put careful thought into the selection and wording of your greeting cards. Words have the amazing power to cheer people up and make them feel good about themselves. Isn't that an amazing and humbling responsibility for something as simple as a card?

Say Happy Birthday with Free Printable Birthday Cards
At, you'll find lots of different choices when it comes to free printable birthday cards. Balloons, flowers, dolphins, cupcakes, Hello Kitty, and lots of other patterns, colors and designs are available to help you get your birthday message across to the recipient. The great thing about the card choices available on the site is that you'll get to write your own message, either with the customization tool or by hand after you print the card out. If you have messy handwriting, the customization tool may be your best option. Otherwise, most people prefer handwritten sentiments over typed out messages.

Cat Birthday Cards Printable for Hello Kitty Fans
Do you have a cat lover in your life? If so, she probably loves Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is a popular character among children and young adults alike. The character was produced by a Japanese company and is a female bobtail cat often depicted with a red bow. This cat birthday cards printable is very similar to the Hello Kitty character, although it does not have the bow on the cat's head. Regardless, cat lovers will adore this pretty pink and blue card. It's perfect for young girls, as it's very sweet looking. As you can see, the card's design is only printed on one side of the card. The other side is intentionally left blank, as is the inside. The left side of the card (pictured above) is actually the back of the card and can be personalized with a picture or text. When you print the card out, you'll be able to personalize the inside by writing your own message.

Cat Birthday Card Wording Ideas
If you need help with wording, try a few of these sentiments:
  • You're purrfect.
  • We hope you have a purrfectly wonderful birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to Mew!
  • Oh me, oh my, oh meow! You're seven years old now!


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