Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Free Printable Basketball Invitations for a Birthday Party

free printable basketball invitations
Birthday Invitations with a Basketball Theme
Do you have a basketball player at home with a birthday coming up soon? You'll find the perfect free printable invitations at FreePrintableOnline.com.  A birthday is a special time of year when children get to pick their party themes, get special gifts from friends and family, and even choose their favorite foods. Your little athlete will be very surprised that you've picked his favorite sport to create a party around. For tips on throwing a fabulous basketball themed birthday party, keep reading!

Free Printable Basketball Invitations
First thing is first; you need to find the perfect invitation for throwing the basketball party.  If you're wondering how to write on these free printable basketball invitations, it's easy! You can do it two ways. First, you can customize your text on the computer before you even print out the invitations. Just click the customize button, and add text in any color you'd like. If you prefer to write out the party details by hand for each invitation, use an orange, blue or black marker to coordinate with the card's colors. Although it's pictured here with a black background, the invitation has a white background when printed.

For drinks at your basketball themed party, choose orange drinks, like the color of a basketball! You could also choose Gatorade (a popular sports drink) or any other beverage topped with straws that have little basketballs on top. You can also purchase cups featuring basketballs to coordinate any drink with the theme.

Anything that's round goes with a basketball theme, so pizza would be the perfect food. You could make cake balls or a similar dessert, and dip them in white chocolate that has been colored orange with food coloring.  Cookies can be decorated to look like basketballs, too. Oranges are a healthy snack that can be served at the party, and they need no decorating at all!

Basketballs, jerseys, hoops and nets are all you need for your primary decorations for a basketball theme. To add pops of color, use balloons and streamers in orange and blue or other coordinating colors with your little player's team colors.

Gumballs shaped like basketballs are a great party favor. So are basketball themed pencils with erasers, notepads, puzzles and books. Most people enjoy basketball, so a small bouncy basketball would be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Party Games
What's more perfect for a basketball themed birthday party than a few games of hoops to get things going? If you're not up for an actual game, a game of HORSE or something similar (spelling your child's name, for instance) can be fun, too. Have jerseys of various sizes available and take pictures of everyone during the game. Another great game would be to set up small hoops on their side and have guests throw small basketballs through them at various distances. The best shots could win a prize!

I hope your child has a fantastic basketball themed party. Don't forget to send some thank you cards within a week or two after the party to show your gratitude for the gifts received.

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