Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pink Panther Piano Sheet Music

Printable Piano Music for Amateurs
There are few songs that are as memorable as the Pink Panther theme song. It's simple, intriguing and incredibly catchy. The good news is that you can learn this little song yourself using the free printable music at It's an amazing resource of many different types of music ranging from today's pop songs to children's songs. There are songs with lyrics as well as sheet music for those who like to play the piano. If you don't know how to to play the piano, I encourage you to learn! It's a wonderful hobby that you can pass down to your children. It's also an excellent way to spend time together singing, especially around the holidays.

Easy Printable Piano Music
Learning the piano isn't as difficult as you might think. The biggest challenge lies in learning how to read sheet music, but after you've nailed that, learning the keys and chords on the piano usually comes fairly easily. You may be able to learn to play by ear, but this isn't the most effective technique because you may be asked to play a song that you're not familiar with. That's why learning to read sheet music is so important. If you need help learning to read sheet music, YouTube is a great resource, as are various blogs and sites by music teachers. You could even hire a private piano teacher (yes, even adults do this) to show you the ropes. The free printable piano music at is a great start to learning to read music. The songs are simple, playful and familiar. Give one of them a try today! 

Pink Panther Piano Sheet Music
The Pink Panther theme song was written by Henry Mancini. You can find the Pink Panther piano sheet here.  The theme became famous and was used in all of the Pink Panther films, save for two of them. Even younger children today are familiar with Pink Panther thanks to the most recent film that came out in 2006. It wasn't a hit, exactly, but young people are familiar with it because of Beyonce's appearance in it. Print out the theme and begin learning the music yourself. This is also one that's easy to learn by ear, too, until you figure out how to read the various types of notes. To make learning the notes a bit easier after you've mastered reading sheet music, place a small piece of paper with the letter for each key on the piano. You'll be banging out tunes in no time because you can see them and hit them without having to pause and think. After a while, you'll naturally learn where the keys are and can peel off the key labels. If you don't have a piano at home, a keyboard is a fine learning tool as well. You'll have to make some adjustments going from a small keyboard to a full size piano, but the larger keyboards are very similar.

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